Swarm season

It is high swarm season here! I had six swarm calls this last week. One of them got away before a keeper got there, another was carpenter bees. I was able to take one of the calls since it was just down the street from me. A few hours before taking this call, I happened to watch a video (https://youtu.be/qJZ1G81XT8g) and saw a tip, which I saved in my brain for later. I’ll share with a photo of the tip at the bottom of this post. I didn’t think I’d use the tip within the next few hours, so viewing when I did worked well for me.

Swarm calls rarely come when I (or most folks are) am free to get it. But it worked out this time. Walking up to it was cool:

swarm 5 20 16 walking to tree

Pretty low hanging fruit. Walking around to the other side of the tree showed how large the swarm was:

swarm 5 20 16 walking closer

The most difficult part of this swarm was the tree it chose. So many branches in the way. So many. So. Many. I shook what I could into a deep hive body. The rest were taken with this tip —

Position a deep frame of comb nearby and the bees will cover it in a minute.

swarm 5 20 16 deep frame of comb

The frame of comb worked so efficiently and could make lilac bushes, cherry trees, etc. very easy in the future. I waited until dusk to get all the straggler bees, then loaded them up:

swarm 5 20 16 in the van

After driving five minutes to my house, I had them set up in my backyard.

swarm 5 20 16 temporary home

Normally, swarms don’t get two deep bodies, but there were so many bees that I felt they needed space or would swarm again once morning arrived. They’ll move to another location in a few days.

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Deskie and my Food Bouqet

I thought it was time for a “deskie.” Instead of taking an aerial, I thought I’d do a sort of landscape shot.

deskie small

What does this say about me? I hope it says (working the elements in the photo left to right):

  • I am humored by my preschool artwork and the attention my grandmother gave it
  • My maternal grandparents were important to me. My MIL gave me an angel that holds two birds — one for my Grandma F. and the other for my Grandpa F.
  • I need some hope and like to use focus points. The Isabel Bloom angel is named “Angel of Hope.” I got it at a fundraiser for my younger son’s PTO.
  • I like pretty things like flowers. This is my “Food Bouquet.” I call it that because sage and chives are pretty, and I can eat them. I love dual purpose plants! I also like saving money. This bouquet was free because I invested in low maintenance, drought resisting plants years ago. Here it is up close:
deskie, #foodbouquet, sage, chives

Food bouquet of sage and chives

I ended up adding two more springs of sage leaves. The chive leaves look great, but don’t stand up well against the stiff sage branches.

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