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Dish washing

The dish cloths are wonderful! I’m not looking for extra items to clean, but I am loving the feel of the knitted dish cloths. They are thick and nubby. Open Star 2 is shown here in Peaches and Cream yarn. I am currently trying to use the remainder of this yarn to make Triangles. I started working while overseeing the children’s schoolwork and get messed up, so “G” and I ripped it apart. I have started over. I’m on row 2. OK, I’m lying. I haven’t cast on. But I will. It’s fairly fast, and without kids, I ought to be able to pay attention!


All right, it is the next day, and I am unable to make Triangles. The third triangle is not ending up in the right place. I have tried three times, so I am now moving on to the fan patterned dishcloth that came on the Sugar and Cream wrapper. The colors of this yarn are so nice and bright and cheery that I get an inner smile when I see them.