Smelting, cont’d.

To paraphrase (without a transcript) the lovely Victoria Jackson in the classic SNL Christmas skit, “Remember that one time when I was gone for four days in the woods?…Well, I found some copper-bearing ore and I smelted it and cut these gears (for a watch)….”

I pat myself on the back. I have never done sleeves before, and the angel is the largest thing I have ever cut on the jigsaw. My oldest was impressed with my wood cutting skills. She also wants a copy of one of my cookbooks once she leaves the house, which I thought was sweet.

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2 Responses to Smelting, cont’d.

  1. ~Sara says:

    That angel is AWESOME! Way to go.

  2. GP & GM Campbell says:

    What fun you girls are having creating things am so proud of all of you!! Love you all, Grandma

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