Crazy Quilt Done

The front. The back. I quilted a grid around the blocks with the walking foot from Cathy. The kids then tied a piece of white yarn in the center of each block. Since the batting package recommended a maximum spacing of 5″, I also made little night time images in the outer corners. (It’s a moon.)

You can see that I used a flat sheet for a backing — soft cotton. I had to reckon with finishing. I decided to forego binding the quilt, looked to a quilt I had received for high school graduation for guidance, and ended up using the backing to finish.
Here is a little star.

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3 Responses to Crazy Quilt Done

  1. ~Maria says:

    That is really, really awesome! Great work! The story behind the gift is just as great.

  2. GP & GM Campbell says:

    Love it so good to see the finished product.. Good job!!!
    Love Grandma

  3. christine says:

    Beautiful! I love the colors and design.

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