Candles for the Homeless

I heard about Joppa Ministries through a homeschooling colleague. Joppa serves the homeless. I learned that homeless people need candles. Since I used to teach candle making when we first moved here, I have candle making supplies taking up space in my basement. It’s difficult for me to throw good supplies away. So I happily had the kids help me make candles last night, which are a big need for the homeless.

This morning, everyone tore one candle mold to unveil a candle. Destructive candle molds are fun. We will probably make more than what you see here. I have a lot of supplies. Fortunately, all the wax was paid for long ago by my employer, and it is now being put to good use for a charitable cause.

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3 Responses to Candles for the Homeless

  1. GP & GM Campbell says:

    Super!!! What a neat idea.
    Love it,Grandma

  2. Heather's Moving Castle says:

    Awesome!!! I loved your candles. Didn’t know they were homemade. Even better.

  3. Mama Podkayne says:

    Oooh. I am just learning. I have about 50 lbs of bees wax still in comb.

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