my craft activity this week

it’s been a slow week for crafting. on top of being the regular, crazy-schedule class day, running home school kids around town, my birthday was yesterday.

i had my hilarious nephews over for a couple hours. D’s marble maze is just a tube. It was the tallest maze. The marble goes straight down. No bends, no curves, no frills. He thought it was “the best one.”

Then we have B-man’s marble maze. He took the slide and tried to make it more predictable by adding a length of tubing to the end. After many tests and “G” of GAIN’s advice, he shortened the tube. They were really funny.

My boys made lemon bars instead of a cake for me. “A” of GAIN decided to top the bars with a “3” candle and nine individual candles — it made for quite the blaze. So now I am publicly proclaiming my age for the first time ever: I am 39 years old. Still haven’t said it out loud, but this is a first step.

As I look back on the crafting I did, I find that there was some productivity. I painted three more eggshells for eggshell dioramas. I accidentally gave away too many for Christmas, and when “I” of GAIN didn’t find the one she chose (which I had forgotten), I figured that I could replace it with another one.

I also started to lengthen the prayer shawl started many moons ago. I picked up some yarn from my parish’s fun knitting group. There was no ball band, but I’m assuming that this yarn is Lion Brand Homespun. I also read about using T-shirts to make tubular yarn (it’s expensive. I bought some before Purl’s closed.), and with all the Vacation Bible School T-shirts that leaders have to wear, I’ve amassed a collection to harvest. I’ve set aside a shirt (from the theme year of Fiesta!) to test.

I’ll end this really long post with shots of this week’s watercolors. “I” of GAIN and I like this calendar. I’ve hyperlinked because I’m getting questions. (Mine came from Barnes and Noble.)

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5 Responses to my craft activity this week

  1. affectioknit says:

    Happy Birthday!

  2. ~Sara says:

    Your the best damn lookin' 39-year-old I ever seen!

    Looking forward to Sunday.

    The boys informed me they were "very good at Aunt Julies". I question their honesty.

  3. saganaga says:

    oh, we share the same birthday (but we're a year apart) hope you had a lovely day !

  4. GP & GM Campbell says:

    Glad you had a wonderful birthday. We thought about you all day. Love ya, Grandma & Grandpa

  5. Erin says:

    Happy birthday! As someone who will be turning OMG **40** this year in August, I share your angst over being 39. I'm so not ready to be In My Forties yet!! Blarrrrgh… time does march on.

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