Look! My first 5K.

This photo is part of Sweet Shot Tuesday. I chose it because it is meaningful to me. I’ve started to take more risks in 2010 — trying new experiences with my family, blogging about more personal things, challenging myself in new ways (such as this race), exercising more with friends and/or in a group (this race qualifies there, too. Love you, Rita!), looking at new crafting adventures, etc.

Taking part in Darcy‘s link-up keeps me accountable to this new-ness and risk-taking. If I did something, I ought to document it and be proud of it. Even if I am very busy this time of year. (I totally missed last week.) Or, I can have my son document it 🙂 He was in charge of video and photos this day.
Sweet Shot Day
For you detail people, my time was 31:13, easily in the top half of all finishers.
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7 Responses to Fitness

  1. ~Maria says:

    WAY TO GO!!

  2. ~Sara says:

    That's great, your an inspiration!

  3. Special K says:

    wow, that's great! Keep it up!

  4. juliecache says:

    special k, you are making my day. it's been a really craptastic one so far. thanks.

  5. jen christians says:

    That's AWESOME! I did my first last year. I was very proud of myself. What a wonderful picture for a very wonderful moment. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!

  6. jen christians says:

    That is awesome. I finished my first one last year and was very excited. I love that you got it captured in a photo! That is just fantastic. Keep up the good work!

  7. snappy says:

    Congratulations on your 5k! I am running my first race this year too! Hopefully I can finish! lol

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