depth of field fail

I of GAIN plays with the tripod

We bought a new camera a few years back and I frequently complain state while using this new camera that it is not intuitive for me. Our old camera, much slower in response time, makes a lot more sense to me. Its buttons and dials do what I think they ought to. Our new camera, smaller with less buttons and dials, has a quicker response, holds a ridiculous amount of files, and the storage device is universally supported (another issue with the old camera). I just cannot figure out how to get it to do what I want.

I refer to the new manual frequently (after this many years, that’s how non-intuitive it is to me). Even though I don’t have an SLR camera, I’ve enjoyed following Darcy’s October photography tutorial ( Today I took the time to (finally) tackle the aperture homework, getting out the tripod and the manual, only to discover that my digital elph doesn’t give me control over aperture. I broke out the old camera for my homework (which I already knew how to operate without referring to the manual).

And while I prefer the small weight and appreciate the small size of our digital elph, it requires my hand/wriststrap for carrying. Our old camera, on the neckstrap, leaves my hands free. Trade-offs. I like having one camera for me to use and another camera for someone else to use while out and about. Are you having camera issues?

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