Girl with a Knife Series, Installment 1

Welcome to the “Girl with a Knife” series, and my new blog. I know that my blog will grow and change, so I invite you to grow and change with me.

“Where did Girl with a Knife come from?” you ask. Enter stage left: the Souvenir Foto School (SFS). As a chronicler of memories, I really ought to have better photography skills. I should not submit to lucky shots, but intentional shots.

I decided to work on food prep photos for six weeks. I’m spending many minutes per session when I take these photos. I have some ideas that are hard for me to express with a camera. One session was spent looking at uncomfortable food — so I started all over. I found the last two days that “food with a story” works better for me.

Hopefully you’ll be seeing chopped, minced, sliced, diced, julienned, and plain ol’ cut-up food, once a week for the next six weeks. And my knives. I may end up with a “Where’s Waldo?” version of knife-ry. And if you have a knife to donate to my photographic cause, because my collection is sadly lacking, give me a call.

This post is part of Simple Lives Thursday, one-quarter of which is hosted by Iowa mom Diana. It’s simpler for me to learn photography skills through online challenges than through other avenues.

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