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courtesy of the crafterToday, I am featuring Diana, a crafter who re-purposes and up-cycles clothing. Although she uses the name Heart Felt Creations by Diana, you can find her purses in her daughter’s etsy shop. I hope to have a giveaway of her daughter’s cloth bags later this year. Just in time for Earth Day, here is Diana’s story.

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I have been making the felted purses for about 2 years. A friend of mine got me started.  She had purchased a number of magazines that had pictures of different felted purses and designs. I really liked what I saw and decided I wanted to try to make some as gifts for family and friends.

blue purse

I work in our church’s clothing closet and find the wool sweaters there. I then take them home and shrink them and have a number of different vintage patterns that I use as patterns of styles from the 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s.

black purseI also have a needle felting machine I use to felt yarns into the wool fabric to create designs as well as to add scrap fabrics. The scrap fabrics come from our clothes closet, local retails stores, and garage sales to decorate the purses with flowers that I cut from scrapbooking dies. I have purchased wool roving from a number of different suppliers and add buttons, beads, ribbons, whatever I can find that will add interest. No two purses ever come out the same and are each unique.

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How inspirational! Diana takes unwanted things and puts some love into them, ending up with a purse for someone to love.

orange purse


I am reviewing a red purse. Doesn’t it look nice?

red purse

Looks. This purse looks cute and different enough to be individual, yet mainstream enough to not scream “Hey! I’m handmade!” The lining is very fun.The strap hangs from my shoulder at the right length for me. The purse itself has pleasing and expected dimensions. The embellishments add texture and interest. I’m not sure of the timeless quality of the embellishments. However, if viewed as a seasonal item, I think the issue matters little when priced at $30.

red purse shoulder

Note how the purse hangs from the shoulder.

Function. Purses are for holding things, and this purse can hold a lot. It has a generous pocket in the lining that I would use for a cell phone or keys. The felt is a lightweight, flexible, and very sturdy fabric. This baby can hold a lot of stuff, no matter how much your stuff weighs.

Everyone uses purses with her own unique habits, so take the two drawbacks that I see with a grain of salt. 1) This purse cannot “stand up.” It has to lay down or hang. I like to set my purse down on the counter while paying for my things at the register when I’m shopping. Maybe this is not an issue for some of you. 2) Felt collects (and shows) “stuff.” By stuff, I mean fuzz, dust, hair, cookie crumbs, glitter, etc. So if I were to lay this purse down on an upholstered chair in a house with furry pets, or at the table in the coffee shop, I’d be breaking out the lint roller once I got home.

Construction. I like the felted wool a lot. The needle felting secures the embellishments very well. The stitching seems secure. The magnetic snap is expected as the industry standard closure. The snap allows the embellishments to show well. I think the felted wool would take a LOT of wear without showing it.

Pricing. Because of the long-lasting characteristics of felted wool, I feel the pricing is very appropriate. A purse from Diana would be something you could use for a long time.

lining red purse

View of the snap, lining, and pocket

Overall. Diana’s upcycled purses get a thumbs up.


You could win one $30 purse, or get half off a higher priced purse.

yellow purse

How to enter

In order to enter the giveaway, I need two things from you. If I get just one, your entry will not be valid. Please enter only once. Continental U. S. only.


Thank you to all who entered.

1. Take this survey to enter the giveaway.

2. Leave a comment here stating which purse in diymama’s etsy shop you hope to win.

The survey will be open on Monday, April 11, 2011, and will close on Monday, April 18, 2011 at 11 PM CDT.

Winner will be chosen with Random.org.

Purse photos courtesy of diymama. Headshot courtesy of Diana. Red purse photos by Julia.

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28 Responses to Felted purse GIVEAWAY

  1. Jhitomi says:

    I honestly cannot decide between the Blue felted purse and the Burgundy; they are equally my “favorite”…I came upon this giveaway through someone else’s blog and am so glad to find it. I love reading about crafts even though I personally am all thumbs.

    Took the survey…hoping to win. And I am not mean nor an ugly ogre.

  2. Laura says:

    The grey sweater purse is my favorite, but they are all lovely.

    I completed the survey. Thank you for the opportunity to try one of these purses.

  3. Christina says:

    Christina – xristya@rock.com – I’d like to win the Burgundy Swirls Felted Purse! All the purses are just lovely, and so intimate and friendly!

  4. NGS says:

    I like the Orange Felted Wool Purse with Flap.

  5. Haley says:

    took the survey and love the green felted purse! thanks for hosting this!

  6. Marci J says:

    I LOVE the new “Green Felted Purse”

  7. Sharon says:

    The purses are beautiful. Would love to win the gray one.

  8. anash says:

    I took the survey. Thanks for this splendid giveaway

  9. anash says:

    I would love to have the NEW Orange Felted Wool Purse with Flap Ready to Ship

  10. dora says:

    They are all wonderful. I liked the Orange with the butterflies the best.

  11. Did the survey and I hope to win the blue one!

  12. Deb says:

    Diana does a great job with the purses! I really like the gray sweater purse.

  13. Barb K. says:

    Hi: Good giveaway. Took the survey and the purse I like is Grey Felt Purse With Purple Flowers. So cute. Keep up the good work.

  14. ANGELA SNOOZY says:

    I took the survey.

    It’s a hard pick, but I think I’d pick the gray sweater purse.


  15. Amber G. says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I just had a blowout in my recycled silk purse and could really use the replacement. I too am hoping to win the Blue Felted Wool Purse found at http://www.etsy.com/listing/71547620/new-blue-felted-wool-purse-ready-to-ship.
    I especially love the swirls on it! Thanks for the great giveaway!
    P.S. I also took your survey !
    : )

  16. My favorite is the gray felt with purple flowers!! My next favorite is the orange butterfly!
    I did the survey!

  17. Sara says:

    My favorite is the grey sweater purse

  18. Jessica G says:

    I love the gray felted purse(with purple flowers)
    I took the survey 🙂 Thanks!!

  19. Valerie says:

    I took the survey and I would like the gray felted purse with purple flowers. Too cute!

    my_2_cents at hotmail dot com

  20. Carrie Phelps says:

    I really would love to win the Felt Turquoise Purse With Floral Print, it’s beautiful!

  21. Little Miss Sunshine says:

    I like the gray sweater purse. Very cute.

  22. Dana West says:

    I like the Grey Sweater Purse! I took the survey! New to your blog! Thanks for the fab giveaway!!

  23. Stephanie says:

    I really love the Yellow and Black Felted Wool Purse. They are all beautiful, but the yellow and black really grab my attention. Thanks for the opportunity!
    mrshud at cox dot net

  24. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    What lovely handbags! I’m just discovering these. I love the Black Floral! (BethElderton on Etsy–mbm218 on twitter)

  25. Amy W. says:

    I like the Gray Sweater purse and I took the survey. This is my first time visiting your blog. I’m a homeschooling mom too. Looking forward to checking out your posts. Thanks!

  26. rebecca williams says:

    I took the survey and I’d like the Gray Felt Purse with Purple Flowers

  27. Mary Gardner says:

    i took the survey and i like the Burgundy Swirls Felted Purse, but i also really like the Yellow Recycled Ambercrombie Sweater Purse !

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  28. Karen Mueller says:

    I love the Black Floral! I took the survey Thanks!! Barb K.

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