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My tip this week is for bloggers and small business owners. Social media is an important factor in many people’s lives, and to capture that section of their lives, be it reading your blog or purchasing from your biz, a blog conference is one excellent way to do so. Check out this article that talks about brands and Facebook. (Hat tip, Ashton Kutcher.)

I attended i_blog conference last year and benefited greatly (see the barn and all of its social media presences and this linky as my proof). I learned a TON — things that are easy to explain in person, getting to ask the experts question, receiving immediate feedback. It was great. i_blog is now the Social Technology Conference, and….


For $100, you will learn from national-level speakers, like Melanie Nelson. I’ve been getting newsletters for bloggers and small businesses for some time now. Many times they list two hour classes for the same price!

Have you ever attended a blog conference?

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