Making your own jelly

homemade mulberry jelly from juliecache's stash
I have three jars of mulberry jelly left for the year

I thought I would share some insight from my 17yo daughter. This is the first year we’ve made a determined effort to have the kids take a sack lunch to school. It depends a lot on making my own jellies, because with three kids in school full-time this year, lunch meat gets expensive. I had an offer of supplies from my sister-in-law that would allow me to make more jelly if I thought I needed more, but without a real kitchen (see below), home canning is not practical. And I think we can make it through the school year with the three jars above and the three in the refrigerator.

Here is what my child said:

All your jellies are good. Store jelly leaves my mouth feeling weird; your jelly leaves my mouth feeling clean.

Have you noticed that, too? I agree with her. There is an unpleasant mouth-feel from store-bought jelly that is difficult to describe. I hadn’t even noticed this sensation until last school year.

What do you hope to can this year?

Oh, here is the kitchen — taken with my camera phone. I haven’t been able to find my regular camera for about a week. All the kitchen cabinets and my stove/oven are in my living room.

juliecache's kitchen under construction
Once we get the big van returned, we can transport drywall and seal this room up!

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