Week 1. Day 2. Racial Equity Habit-Building Challenge

Week 1. Day 2. Indigenous Food Ways: How do we move from Repression to Recognition?

I offer scattered reflections on indigenous food ways because I don’t know that repression and recognition are topics that I can process today.

  • During my first trip to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation my oldest and I noticed an abundance of land, a sparse scattering of creeks, and very few kitchen gardens. Betty grew vegetables to supply her restaurant. Cucumber boats was a popular dish.
  • In my time after that trip, I knew a couple Facebook acquaintances who were sending seed packets to Pine Ridge. I have no idea what agency or person they would go to or how they were to be distributed.
  • I make a darn good Navajo taco
  • Three sisters – corn, beans, and squash
  • Reservations may not be located in the region where the residents originated, so I think indigenous food ways need to be taken with context
  • I drove a van of people around Omaha for a WFAN urban farm tour and at least one member worked in Iowa for a tribe that was reclaiming its traditional food ways. I seem to remember the conference featuring a native to either speak or give a blessing most years.
  • I watched a video or television spot of a North American Native woman giving a tour of a community permaculture plot. I also seem to remember that the woman from the tour in the point above stated that she and a few tribe members had gotten their PDC’s shortly before the tour.
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