Week 1. Day 3. Racial Equity Habit-Building Challenge

Week 1. Day 3. Racial Segregation and oppression in our food systems

The ideas in the preparatory articles for this challenge were not new to me. I submit my thoughts on this particular article from the Union of Concerned Scientists include https://blog.ucsusa.org/rafter-ferguson/why-we-cant-separate-justice-and-sustainability-in-the-food-system

I noticed in my early adulthood that I tend to consider things more deeply than my peers, which I think is the reason I didn’t uncover new ideas. I wonder if many landowners and conventional farmers hold a respect issue toward other producers and landowners with thoughts of:

  • vegetable farmers are not real farmers
  • less than (choose a number) acres is not a real farm
  • specialty crop producers are not real farmers
  • their product is “less than” what my product
  • he doesn’t really need (name a piece of equipment, technology, supply, etc.). after all he’s just a (insert status issue here)

In the end, I find that my basic belief in having respect for all forms of human life is the key to social justice.

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