Week 1. Day 5. Racial Equity Habit-Building Challenge

Week 1. Day 5. Levels of Racism

Using the very concise, clear chart located at the hyperlink below, I am asked “How and where do we see these operating?” http://oppressionmonitor.us/2014/01/31/four-types-racism/

According to the chart, there are two individual levels and two systems levels of racism.

As I stated before, I don’t think racism is an issue in my part of the world. I’m currently doing all I can on the local and state level with two different non-profit organizations in the food system. However, I see a LOT of discrimination against people with autism on a daily basis with my adult children. This upsets me a lot. Perhaps racism is an easier thing to tackle than autism because it is commonly more visually detected. I see racial discrimination on the individual and system levels, but not as much as I see discrimination against autism. All along the food chain, from producer to consumer, there is an issue for my kids with autism. I’m not sure I can call it true discrimination, but more confusion from those unfamiliar with autism, and a lack of a way for people to respond to encounters with people who have autism. I mean, how would Joe behind the register know that Jay isn’t being purposely rude but due to autism, has no sense of situations, context, and levels of appropriate behavior? We’ve had brain scans performed, and I do not think they could be disputed — there are significantly undeveloped areas in their brains. Yet no one can see your brain as you walk up to a counter for service.

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