Week 1. Day 7. Racial Equity Habit-Building Challenge

Week 1. Day 7. Emotional and Embodied Responses

Honoring our emotional and embodied reactions is a grounding activity. I’ve asked myself a few times about institutional racism, but I think I worked out all years before.

I belong to a charitable organization at my church. I joined late summer/early fall of 2018. This organization is international, with national, state, regional, and local sub-organizations. I’ve seen much good in strong, well organized groups.

The metro region recently held a quarterly breakfast and the ED gave a report. He and his staff weren’t discussing racism as they enumerated the programs and impacts. They focus on people and situations, changing the previous model of limited time and more material aid to increased time and limited material aid. I believe they are on the right path by spending money on staff time with clients rather than giving aid with very little guidance. I don’t see the places where I’m spending time and effort to work against racism; rather, I see them as places working for justice regardless of race.

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