Lip Balm

My lip balm has a natural fragrance and flavor from its wholesome ingredients. My younger daughter named it Goldilocks lip balm — meaning that it is

 “not too hard, not too soft, but just right.”

2019 lip balms are ready now!

Pollinator Lip Balm can be purchased through my Contact Form. I accept PayPal. Mail orders need a minimum of 4 tubes.

I filter and melt small batches of beeswax with the help of the sun. Once it’s melted, I grate it by hand, then mix my recipe (with domestic sunflower oil for the bees!) and pour it into new, empty tubes. No added fragrance, no added color.

Speaking of color — the color of the wax varies according to the use of the wax, age, time of year, etc. That means that you may buy a tube of white-er lip balm one day, and a yellow-er one the next. The same recipe was used, but the wax was harvested under different conditions.