Wood conditioner

juliecache’s wood conditioner is available through the Contact Form. As of 4/27/2014, three containers are available.

4 fl. oz. for $9

Consider wood conditioner as an investment in your woodenware, a maintenance item that will last a long time.

Although wooden utensils don’t get hot when you’re cooking, I always avoided them. They seemed to get splintery and dry and breakable. But once I bought my wooden cutting board and used my wood conditioner recipe in August 2012, I no longer hesitate to buy woodenware.

It is wonderful.

purchase at Sweetly Said Gifts on Hickman Road

Woodworkers use wood conditioner to season and condition their product — wooden utensils, cutting boards, turned bowls, butcher blocks, and the like. Wood conditioner rejuvenates the wood’s appearance, makes it water resistant, helps prevent cracks, and makes contrasting woods look all the more beautiful.

My wood conditioner has two ingredients — pharmaceutical mineral oil and beeswax from my backyard beehives. Whenever I harvest honey, a harvest of beeswax follows. I chose my recipe after years of using olive oil, which was messier than I liked —

Young children can “help” around the house and use my wood conditioner without accidentally making an expensive oily mess on the floor!