Exploring DC :: Part 5 (Geocaching)

GC6E1WY Women who know no boundaries (see last image)

This blog began as a geocaching blog, so how appropriate that I found a cache last week! Maybe I should make a new goal — find a cache in all 50 states. I’m working on finding a cache in all 99 counties….

The Society of Woman Geographers International Headquarters was a short walk from the Capitol and the house where our networking event would be held. I don’t feel right publishing a photo of the container itself, but I will say that it was charming.

This block seemed to be mixed use. The yellow townhouse to the left was a book shop. Right up my alley, but I really wanted to try at least one networking event, so I didn’t stop.

I did take a peek through the glass door and like what I saw — piles of books on the floor! I think you can click on the photo to enlarge it if you want to see it with your own eyes — piles of books on the floor.

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Exploring DC :: Part 4 (Bees)

I gave a short slideshow to my DMBB club¬†about my time with bees in DC. I’m guessing they’re the only ones who really get me, so I’ll share one photo.

bees, second story honey

This is the location of SecondStoryHoney.com

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