June Journal 06/24/2018

This is my last June Journal entry. The snippet was a quote:

I just hate the idea of living with regrets. For every one decision you made, you had to say good-by to something else — and that’s fine.

— Kristen Meinzer

June Journal, #junejournal

Two notes about the snippet.

  1. This turned me on to Kristen’s podcast, By the Book. Not entirely her podcast. She co-hosts with Jolenta. New favorite podcast. (Thanks, Vanessa. I would never know about this enjoyable podcast without participating in the #junejournal exercise.)
  2. I remember telling my oldest something similar to the first half of the quote. She wanted to know what I thought about buying the large panoramic photo of her high school senior class. I felt that with these time-sensitive things, knowing that some people couldn’t go back and order their senior pano and regretting that they could or couldn’t do so, I told her that if she wanted it to help her remember good things, then she should get it so that she felt she had done all she could to remember her time at that school.

I would rather regret doing something than regret not doing something.

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June Journal 06/21/2018

The snippet:

she froze at the question. she didn’t know what kind of artist she should be. maybe she should enroll in the school of the slow art of becoming?

june journal

Shiny dark hair is hard to show with a pencil. Expressing many colors when I have just one color in my pen or pencil can be hard.

And for the snippet: Personally, I don’t know if I’ve had questions since high school. To choose my college major, I asked the WiSE (Women in Science and Engineering) chair about what major would make a biodegradable plastic. I think that was the last time I questioned what I should be.

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