Why I was as busy as a bee

I hadn’t blogged for a while because I was working working working on two special projects that I’d like to share with you.

The first was for an awards program that showcases all the cool, green living, sustainability work that occurs in our state. Look at the slideshow here and be amazed at Iowans:


The second was for beekeeping. This was a joint event between a local and regional bee club. Look at photos from the event here and be amazed at our numbers:


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Busy as a bee

Left to right: examining a hive at class; club meeting with magazines, free bottles, and fellow beekeepers; mead shared at the meeting; leftover catalogs and magazines from beekeeping class

Whew! After two crazy months, I’m finally having a regular schedule — regular work days and nights, regular sleeping, regular exercising. I welcome the boring at this point.

If you are wondering about the bees, they have not consumed their emergency food as of last week and are still quite populous.

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