Product Review: Bees Wrap

juliecache put bees wrap on a glass bowl

I purchased Bees Wrap while at the NPR Store last month and have used it every week. I shared it at the last bee club meeting. There was an XXL size home crafted beeswax wrap at the meeting, made especially for bread dough — I’m sure that using it saves a lot of plastic wrap! I tried to make my own beeswax wrap but after one failing attempt, I called it quits.

I have not called it quits on the commercial product, though. Here is what I think.

  1. Outside of the Flow Hive, people ask me about this product a lot. Hopefully that means that they can relate to it (because I know they can’t relate to my bee stories).
  2. This stuff is sticky, like plastic wrap is sticky, EXCEPT as “N” of GAIN notes, there is no struggle with the cutting blade against a cardboard box (so enjoyable).
  3. It’s not a film. It has a detectable edge. This stuff won’t stick to itself so that you can’t un-stick it (also enjoyable).
  4. I wish the different sizes would say S, M, and L, or be different colors or somehow distinguishable from each other in the drawer or on a shelf. This is the most annoying quality of the product. When I was in DC, I saw the Second Story Honey makes beeswax wraps, and it looked like the sizes are packaged so that each size has its own unique pattern (nice — that would be my wish come true)
  5. Washing and drying is not a chore. I do hand washing almost daily as it is, so this quality is not a hardship.
  6. I don’t mind keeping the product off of meat. I have other lidded containers for this.
  7. This product is opaque. Therefore, if some people in the household cannot see what is underneath (like I used a metal bowl instead of glass bowl), it won’t get eaten. I can use this to my advantage (hehe).
  8. It cost $18. I’m not sure about the lifetime. The more I use it, the cheaper the cost per use……
  9. No decrease in stickiness so far.
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Honesty: A view into my messy van

the back of julia's car
Let’s face it: My life is revealed in the contents of my van. (I had a car until 1998ish.)

I embrace the contents of my van because it shows that I get to do what I love and carry it with me. Car seats (my kids), sweep nets (bugs), buckets (multipurpose for bugs, water/dirt/sand play, foraging), picnic gear (eating at leisure because we have priorities), sketch books (art and studies), geocaching gear (exploring the world in a new way), boots (people hate when you walk in their store with muddy shoes), bees (they have to get around some way), dirt or mulch or flooring (upgrades to have a pleasant living area. vehicle design limits have been tested) — you name it. If I love it, it will find it’s way into my car.

So this week’s contents revealed: pitchforks (for moving stuff), chainsaw (for cutting stuff), value-added products and supplies (for a show and tell), a fruit picker (the handle will never be long enough, even when I change handles), boots (see above), umbrella (you never know with Iowa weather), a few discs (just in case), and yoga mats (I’m always a drop-in to class kind of gal).¬†Everything else is bee gear. And I good with all that. I love all of the activities that I do with these things.

What’s in your car today? Tell me about your life.

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