Busy as a bee

Left to right: examining a hive at class; club meeting with magazines, free bottles, and fellow beekeepers; mead shared at the meeting; leftover catalogs and magazines from beekeeping class

Whew! After two crazy months, I’m finally having a regular schedule — regular work days and nights, regular sleeping, regular exercising. I welcome the boring at this point.

If you are wondering about the bees, they have not consumed their emergency food as of last week and are still quite populous.

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Pumpkin diving

Pumpkin diving. Well, not really. “N” of GAIN and I saved pumpkins from the dumpster. In years past, I’ve helped decorate our church. When we clear out everything from Thanksgiving, the compostable stuff went home to my compost pile. But not this year. Over the summer, an Eagle Scout made a compost bin for the giving garden, so we were able to close the loop really well! The school is unique in that it has a kitchen and cooks many things from scratch, and staff took the opportunity to dispose of their scraps in the new compost bins this year. “N” and I split the pumpkins on the boot scrapers then placed them among the uneaten fruit and cooking bits:

The pie pumpkins went home with us. I roasted them two at a time and froze the puree in two cup portions.

The flesh is very creamy compared to the stringy carving pumpkins. One favorite use of mine is Panera-like Pumpkin Squash Soup.

A couple weeks later I saw this display at the store and felt pretty victorious.

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