Crafty card

My oldest and I went to a friend’s beautiful confirmation mass this evening. I thought I would use a ready-made card for her gift, but it didn’t seem quite right. I liked the idea on the front of the card, though. Very colorful, and a fitting accompaniment to a flowering plant gift. Inspired by it, I made the card you see on the left. The store-bought card is on the right. 

Each flower on my card has a fruit of the Holy Spirit in its center. (That Bible school song has been playing in my head since I made the first Spirograph flower….) It’s mostly made of doodles. The centers of the flowers are circles that I punched with three different sizes of paper punch. I would have used the tiny spirograph if I could have found it. It must be hidden in a child’s desk, because I remember seeing it on the dining room table very recently.

I am extremely proud of Erin for confirming her faith and felt privileged to witness the sacrament.

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