Tiny jumper

I checked out a book from the library that has knitting patterns for tiny socks, jumpers, scarves, hats, and cardigans. They require sewing (well, not the scarf), so I have chosen one with just a small amount of sewing, the jumper. I knitted the front this evening after we got home from a late softball game. We won, 0 – 4.

The jumper is much larger than I thought it would be, and my gauge is correct. So potentially not as cute as the tiny sweaters. Although the pattern says “until it is 3″ long,” the pattern’s photograph has nothing to base scale upon (except the other tiny garments). I keep telling myself that the tiny sweaters, totally cute in size, might be scaled the same as this jumper-in-the-works, since jumpers can be full length in the skirt. It’s just hard to tell by the photograph. I’ll post details as soon as the jumper is finished. The colors are darling on it, so this project has some hope.

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