Janis tank update

My very first post was about a tank top I was making. Its three parts have been finished for some time now. Today I joined the two sides of the front and to the back.

The difficulty with fitted knitted garments is the sizing. You can gauge all you want, but this particular piece is made in three pieces, making it hard for me to tell if I needed to adapt the pattern. Adding to the difficulty is the stitch pattern being a very stretchy 2 x 2 rib.

Each piece by itself fit me when I laid them against myself. But sewn together, the garment is very large. I ripped out the back and plan to decrease the width by 12 (!) stitches. I will also rip out the straps and change them to be 9″ long instead of 11.” I will leave the right and left front as is. The tank top itself is quite cute. Just really large on me. Luckily, it works up very fast.

I wonder if this garment puts me in the realm of petite clothing….

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