Tiny clothes

The jumper you see here is from the book _Great Knitted Gifts_, by Andrea Shackleton. Yarn is Lion Brand Magic Stripes in Jellybean.

Zamozo asked what do you do with the tiny clothes?

Completely fair question. They are intended to be Christmas ornaments. I started with tiny mittens. Very cute. Red with white trim and initials on the back of the hand. Now I have moved to sweaters. I can’t repeat a gift. That would be like re-gifting! The tiny clothes could also be decorations for every day, say along a clothesline in a laundry room, or a little girl’s bedroom, a craft room, etc. They could also be doll clothes. The jumper I just finished is 6″ long and 4″ wide. Too large for our Christmas tree, but probably OK for a doll. I tried the single crochet edging, and looked just awful for me. So I ripped it off.

Why make tiny clothes? Another good question. To use leftover yarn. To finish things quickly, and I raise my self esteem. To continue making gifts without spending a lot money. I am testing sweater patterns and accompanying yarn to see what gives the look I want, pre-planning for Christmas. You want each niece/nephew to have their OWN ornament. I have 18 of them, plus my four kids. I don’t put a lot of knitting on here because they are gifts that a family may see. No surprises if that happens. I can try different kinds of cabling and other stitch patterns without spending a lot of time or yarn on it before I decide that I like/don’t like it. I still need to hold the sweaters next to the jumper for a size and scale comparison.

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