Un-Finished Object from a long time ago. This is my attempt to use up my fabric scraps. I occasionally quilt and sew other projects, so I have a lot of oddly shaped remnants. If I cut them in to strips then glue them end on end, they become a ball of recycled and knittable fiber. And my scraps drawer gets emptied! This takes a little time, almost no effort when you use a rotary cutter, and just a little bit of glue. My ball of fiber is stripe-y, and I never know when a new stripe will appear. The fun factor for me is high on this. I also get to reminisce about the projects from the leftover fabric. This garter stitch rectangle may eventually become a rug or bag. This project is a winner all around.

(Now you are thinking, “Isn’t she clever?” Not really. I got the idea from the thrifty homeschooler. I have seen similar things in kits as well. Maureen is a home school mom from Michigan, whom I met and heard speak about three years ago at a home school conference. Her daughters knitted back packs out of strips.)

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