I knitted a few rows of the fabric scrap rectangle. But it’s sooo big. I can’t even tell if I made any length.

So I checked out a “one skein” book from the library by Leigh Radford. The premise of all the patterns is to make something using only one skein of yarn. None of the projects shouted to me. However, I have wanted to make a coffee press cozy. My kids find that thought very entertaining. Anyway, that would be a fairly quick knit since it is small.

I started using a ball of Lion Brand Magic Stripes (Jelly Bean, at deep clearance at the local Hancock Fabrics) because wool will never be used for a human garment at my house. I didn’t use much of it for the “tiny” jumper. I really like lopsided cables and ribs — think slippery bark from loop-d-loop (by Teva Dawson), or the asymmetrical cable hat in _one skein_. So far, everything looks good. I started reading the chart backward, but that is not hard to deal with. I just reverse the position of the cable needle, holding it behind instead of in front, and purling instead of knitting. The stripes make it hard to see the cabling and ribs, but I am consoled by the fact that the coffee press cozy will not be plain. I am pretty sure that I will use a similar uneven ribbing and cabling in the future since I like the look so much.

I just checked out a new book with patterns for non-wool knitting. More on that after I start reading.

For exercise news, my latest discovery is that low rise cargo pants make bad running gear. And the more you load the pockets, the harder it is get your pants to stay up. I tried to do this on Sat. at a conference I attended in St. Paul, MN. I quit after 0.7 miles and turned back. At least I got to see the Mississippi River.

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