Coffee Press Cozy Finished!

It is done. I made a rectangle a la “asymmetrical cable hat” by Leigh Radford, author of _one skein_. But how to make it wrap around the coffee press and stay in place? I chose buttons.

I chose three navy blue buttons that were left over from a scrapbook project and sewed them on top of a rib. Next, I had to remember how to make button holes. I did an internet search and found directions that I understood. Then I picked up stitches along the side of the rectangle, added some vertical stripes for fun and added width, then made three straps for my three navy blue buttons. I haven’t blocked the piece, you might be able to tell from the photo. I really don’t intend to block it, either.

My husband said that it was almost wrong to have this finished object (FO). He thinks that I may be going to extremes. Well, I don’t feel compulsed to cover everything in our house with handknitwear. But I have dreamed about it.

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