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I drove out to Turtle Farm to pick up our box this afternoon. I was very pleased to see peas. They were gone within minutes. In addition to the peas, we also got lettuces, garlic scapes, kohlrabi, and green onions.

The children said they were scared of the kohlrabi. They didn’t elaborate on how the kohlrabi scares them. We’ll see if they eat it. The photo here shows the entire share. My family will get half of this; my friend has the other half.

In other news, I went to the Waukee YMCA this week. With my children at Vacation Bible School, going to the Waukee Y made sense to me. I liked the group exercise schedule and the classes were all right. I attended a TurboKick class and a yoga class. I also used the cardio equipment and mats in the “big room.” Not really sure if the rooms have names. Many high school kids were in the free weight area. I didn’t even venture to the weight machine side of the room. I hadn’t been to this branch Y for about three years. I tried once or twice after that, but didn’t get there because of construction. I just didn’t go anymore once the road opened again. I am glad I finally went. It gives me more options for exercise. I like having options.

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