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Today, I conducted a trade. Unschooling friend Heather has been bartering a toy bus for various items, always bigger and better. This will continue until she can barter for a real bus. That’s right, her family would like to live on the road all the time!

Inspired by a cool Canadian named Kyle MacDonald, (did I ever mention here that Heather and I met Kyle’s brother Scotty and his friend Fiddy?) she has worked her way from a toy bus to my set of hina dolls. They are usually set out only around Japan’s Girls Day, but we have always had these dolls on display year round. They are just too cool to leave in a box most of the year. I thought I would like Heather’s tent, so I decided to trade her. I really would love to see her family trade up to a bus. Hopefully a serious doll collector, nipponophile, or a Japanese family out there will have something to trade, getting Heather closer to her bus/rv.

Click on the photo so you can see everything well. If you would like to trade with Heather for this set of dolls, visit her bartering blog. I wish her and husband Cliff the BEST in everything!

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