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I knew everyone would want to know if this blog was safe to read with children around, so I read from Heather’s blog (not the barterbus Heather) that I could have a rating if I visited Mingle. So there you have it — No bad words here.

I have been knitting tiny sweaters and mittens for Christmas. I have ten mittens done. I have eight to ten more to make. I have to do a quick niece and nephew count again to make sure. I have one more sweater to finish my own children’s ornaments. I have the solid blue sweater, pictured in an earlier post, plus three Lion Brand Magic Stripe sweaters. I may keep the solid one for myself. I have an ornament collection that my smart mother started it for me when I was just an infant.

All the ornaments have different stripe patterns. I’ll get a photo up when they are all done.

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