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I did an intervention on myself over the weekend by emptying my storage chest and organizing it for the first time ever. Yarn is now kept with its yarn wrapper, patterns are in a folder or binder, Christmas projects are separated from other projects in smaller storage containers, you get the idea.

Yesterday, I found some knitting books that I like at the Franklin Ave. branch of the Des Moines Public Library. I love the entire collection shown in _Classic Knits_, by Erika Knight. If only I had the money for all that yarn. I also looked at _Holiday Knits_, by Sara Lucas and Allison Isaacs. I only liked the placemats, and that would require making more than two of something. A bigger time investment than I care to make.

After flipping through a couple other books off the knitting shelves, I decided to rip out my Janis tank, which I never wore, and turn it into a tank top with no dropped stitches. I already re-worked it once, and I am just not happy with it. Hopefully, the new tank top will be small enough to wear. It may end up looking similar to the Ribbed Ribbon Tank in _Hip To Knit_, by Judith L. Swartz.

On the near horizon for knitting: a swiffer mop cover a la smariek and a gift for my godchild.

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