Olio is always the crossword puzzle answer for potpourri. This is a potpourri post, and since that is such a long word to type, I am substituting the word olio. OK, on to the post.

Off the sticks: sweater ornaments and a mitten. Thought you would want to see a sample of the mitten. Each mitten is different — striping, flecks, etc. But they are all red and white. They could fit a baby, so they are not tiny as in unwearable, but babies are tiny and cute, and so are my mittens, IMHO. I plan to make small wire clothes hangers for the sweaters.

On the sticks: a swiffer cover. It’s for my mother-in-law. She is the only person I know with a swiffer. Unless there is a closeted swiffer user who hasn’t revealed him/herself to me as such. I found the idea and pattern at Marie’s blog, smariek. I found smariek through Bobbi’s blog. And I found Bobbi’s blog through Ia Home Educators. I am looking forward to getting more involved with that group.

Anyway, a re-usable swiffer cover would be great for people who want a more textured surface for cleaning with (read: more scrubbing action instead of wiping action) and for those who want less waste in the world. If you read the local “paper” dmJuice (I use the word “paper” lightly in this case), Ia Home Educator member Sara lists “7 ways to go green,” including, “Use cloth around the house.” And it reduces my leftover yarn.

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