Swiffer cover completed

It is done and on the swiffer. As my not always positive yet always curious FIL pointed out, (in my much nicer paraphrase) it doesn’t have the “magnet stuff” to attract dirt like the store bought covers. Despite that fact, I think it will perform satisfactorily for dry, unmagnetized swiffer action, and very, very nicely for wet swiffer action. See the texture of the seed stitch? I think it should work well.

Oh yeah, even if I “have too much time on my hands” (his words), I do not see me crafting for him in the future. “Thank you for the thought” may be a nice phrase for people to learn, even if they don’t appreciate a handmade gift. I will practice that phrase myself now. Thank you for reading here.

2 thoughts on “Swiffer cover completed”

  1. I would love to try your Swiffer Cover, Julia and I would be willing to pay for one. I think a homemade gift like this is awsome dude.

  2. I love your Swiffer Cover, Julia! If I were on the receiving end of this gift, I would love it. I’d even be willing to pay for one of these (hint, hint).

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