more knitting

I’ve been knitting sporadically. Here is a dishcloth/potholder in progress, on top of a finished cloth with the same pattern. It is a classic. Matt and I received the pink one on the bottom for our wedding. I am almost finished with it. My goal is to have seven dishcloths, one for each day of the week. They are much thicker and sturdier than the terry cloth washcloths that I bought a department store. I read that they clean glass very well.

The yarn is plain old worsted weight cotton. If I clipped a Michael’s coupon for 40% off any item, I could probably get the yarn for about 60 cents. I may have to look in to that.

I ran out of the variegated yarn that you see here (the beginning of the skein went to Jean‘s swiffer cover), so I am finishing a little corner of the cloth in light blue. I can tell that the light blue yarn is Lion Kitchen Cotton and the variegated is Sugar ‘n’ Cream because the thickness of each yarn differs by a tiny bit. I find that interesting because I read about substitutions and mixing yarns frequently.

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