First dishcloth done

My friend Jean owns a yahoogroup dedicated to shopping for sales and with coupons. At the same time. Mr. GAIN encourages that. He loves conservation of money. My SIL also belongs to the coupon group, and her quest for saving money also includes moving away from paper towels and napkins in favor of cloth napkins. I have been working along the same line with these dishcloths.

I have not been able to find sturdy washcloths to use in the kitchen for wiping the table and counter. The other frustration is that I can no longer find Brillo Scrub and Toss pads at any of the stores I visit. My goal since I returned from MN is to have seven dishcloths, one for every day. In _Organic Housekeeping_, the author mentions that her household cleaning system has seven dishcloths. I’m trying for the same.

In the past, my family has always used these knitted cloths as a buffer between hot pans and our kitchen table or counter. But I read that they are excellent for cleaning glass and dishes. I see that as entirely possible due to the texture of the fabric. We’ll give a test wash or five this weekend.

You can see I finished my first “classic dishcloth.” The new one that I am working on is in a pattern called Open Star 2. I really don’t see the open star at this point, but we’ll see how it works out.

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