Fingerless Gloves

I took a break and decided to make a quick project. Actually, my youngest implored with all her might to have a pair of fingerless gloves and I caved. I’ve been wearing mine to ball games and in the car when I’m driving in chilly weather. It’s still September, so full gloves and jackets seem like overkill. So I use a sweatshirt or sweater, maybe a hat, and my fingerless gloves.

I modeled her gloves after mine. Leftover Rowan All-Season cotton. (I still have some left.) Size 6 needles. Fetching was the original pattern. She is very proud of them, wearing them to Red Rock for a day (the largest lake in Iowa!). After the sun came out and the temps increased, she kept them on. She thinks they are cool and make her look stylish. She definitely has a style all her own.

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