The sweater

I figured out the sleeves, so here are two pictures! I will say that I like to stick to small items for kids because of cost and time constraints. I do not like being stuck in boring stockinette land (or garter stitch land) for very long. My time is more valuable than that right now. I need changes — cables (very in right now), ribbing, and increases and decreases for shaping. The top photo shows the yarn, Lion Homespun. My older son chose the color. You will also see the front and back (my first three needle bind-off) and one and a half sleeves.

This will be a hooded sweater a la Lion Brand. I’ve been upset with my nearest local yarn store (LYS), so I’ve jumped to Hancock Fabrics for yarn and patterns. I don’t love Hancock enough to give it a hyperlink, though. Anymore, it feels like a KMart. Ick. Who made that decision? I give it a thumbs down.

I will probaby stop acting like a spoiled brat and drive a couple extra miles to the next nearest LYS next time I need supplies. Like this week. My oldest daughter has been waiting and waiting for me to get her started on an adaptation of fetching — but I can’t spare her the circular row counter that I’ll be using for a couple more projects. You may remember my version of fetching, and my younger daughter‘s version of fetching. We’ll be one fetching group of girls! I feel a group photo in our future.

I will probably get some crafty kids’ photos up later this week — pumpkin carving! They look might kick-ass this evening on our porch.

4 thoughts on “The sweater”

  1. I have had THE WORST trouble trying to knit with Lion Homespun. It feels lovely, and I bought a whole gob of it intending to knit sweaters for all the kids. But as I’m knitting along, the yarn coming off the skein becomes more and more bunched up. Sliding my hands too much? Too much/too little tension? Either way it ends up making me so frustrated I quit after a few minutes. Needless to say, my kids still don’t have sweaters.

  2. My friend lives in Adel and creates beautiful yarn. Her site is . I am not sure what local retailers carry her yarn but I’m she she could let you know. Seeing her yarn makes me wish I could knit :o)

  3. heather a lot of trouble with lion yarn in general–the yarn doesn’t pull correctly out of the skein, but gets knotted, and sometimes pulls a whole clump out of the middle. the homespun is particularly hard because the fibers can get matted together. i think there’s something wrong with the way the skeins are wound.

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