Here is one smelt that I can reveal. My nieces and nephews will each get a uniquely patterned mitten to use as an ornament. I love knitting small objects because I can see progress quickly.

And I will show a follow-up to “I” of GAIN’s gingerbread house. The photo here is her with her house in the display case. Seeing your work on display is always fulfilling and very fun. She thought that making the house was also fun. We also like to investigate the competition to prepare for future events.

“I” was the first person to turn in a house, which pleased the Park and Rec staff very much. I was pleased to see the new home of Park and Rec. Progress is pleasing. The one criticism that I have of the competition is in the operation. The shelves are glass, and entrants are asked to supply complete contact info on the bottom of their house. I could read everyone’s info — not safe at all in my opinion. Thankfully, we have not detected any stalkers since the houses went on display. I will certainly let the organizers hear my concern.

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