A new year, a new craft! — quilling, or paper filigree, was started tonight for the first time in this family. “A” of GAIN and I spent a small amount of time making lovely little things out of paper. (Photos are taken against my pant leg in case you are wondering.)

Quilling came to my attention this year through my refreshing support group, HomeswithheartandCM. It is for fans of a Charlotte Mason education. The home where we met had a Christmas tree decorated with ornaments that were handmade. Right up my alley! A beautiful quilled snowflake was removed and shown to everyone present. The hostess had created it about 25 years ago and she still has the instruction book for us to browse. After reading a bit and observing people making quilling for a bit, I dove into the craft this evening after shopping at a local small business (always when possible).

A fellow member noted that paper filigree is mentioned in Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility:

…Lucy directly drew her worktable near her and reseated herself with an alacrity and cheerfulness which seemed to infer that she could taste no greater delight than in making a filigree basket for a spoiled child… “Perhaps,” continued Elinor,” if I should happen to cut out, I may be of some use to Miss Lucy Steele in rolling her papers for her; and there is so much still to be done to the basket that it must be impossible I think for her labor singly to finish it this evening. I should like the work exceedingly if she would allow me a share in it.”

I searched for a quilling snowflake pattern and found one that I liked. There are many more, as you can see here. I have decided on these for next year’s smelted Christmas ornament for GAIN Academy and all the nieces and nephews.

I also want to make two related notes. One is that the handmade ornaments at the hostess’s house were quite varied and fun — cotton swab and foam ball snowflakes, LEGO figures, etc. Perhaps we’ll expand our Christmas tree inventory so we can show more of our ornaments. We probably get 40% of our collection out each year. The other note is that a current local weekly “news”paper is about crafting among the new generation of young adults. Does that mean I can join the younger demographic because I share its love of crafting?

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