quilling on my own

After a few days of quilling, I have moved on to creating my own designs. I feel so free to be self-reliant! Depending on someone’s patterns can be stressful — finding them, then deciding to print out the page or take notes or quill near the computer, etc. At first, I need to pattern to get used to the shapes, form preferences, and basically figure out what works for me based on what other people have done in the past. Easy learning curves bring me joy. We need another quilling tool, and we’re almost out of paper. So quilling may come to an end due to lack of supplies. But that’s OK. I just discovered www.craftster.org

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  1. You say you are in the insurance capital of the world, are you in Hartford, CT? If you are we are practically neighbors. I am an avid quiller , have been quilling for 30+ years, Check out my web site http://www.Whimsiquills.com you can see some of my work in the picture gallery, I also write a quilling blog which may be helpful, fell fre to contact me with questions etc.
    Pat Caputo
    [email protected]

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