The Jesse Tree

A Jesse Tree is craft related, so here is a sideways picture of ours. We use the Jesse Tree to count down the days to Christmas and mark the genealogy of Jesus before we celebrate His birthday on Christmas. Jesse, 1 Sam. 16:1-13 , is often considered Jesus’ first ancestor since he was King David’s father.

We use the ornaments from a kit (no longer available to my knowledge, the company closed its doors years ago) that I bought at a Catholic home school conference. Instead of a table top tree, we have a flat, paper tree on the wall or door. This saves us a lot of valuable, used-all-the-time counter and table space. The kids helped me with this year’s “tree.” Cole asks forgiveness if anyone thinks that the stand for the tree (the red thing at the bottom) looks like an upside-down pair of underpants.

You can choose your own ancestors and related ornaments for Jesus if you do not have pre-purchased ornaments like ours. You can see a close-up of the ram ornament. Our ram stands for Isaac. The ram took Isaac’s place in Gen. 22:1-14.

The crafty part is the construction of the tree and ornaments. Our are made of cardstock, fit together with slits in 3-D fashion. Pretty easy if you have access to clip art and can manipulate the dimensions. Ours are slightly less than 3″ in all directions (for the most part). Not the easiest to store, but everyone loves to get them out and have a turn placing the next figure on a branch.

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