Laura’s lantern

I have “I” of GAIN Academy reading _Little House in the Big Woods_, by Laura Ingalls, out loud every day. She read about Laura and Ma finding a big bear in the cow pen. Laura’s job was to hold the lantern. I think Ma just needed moral support and didn’t want to be in the dark by herself. I’m like that, too. Anyway, I asked “I” if she wanted to make a tin lantern similar to the one Laura used. She said yes, even though it would be a two day project.

We started by filling empty tin cans with water and freezing them. You can see her taking the next step, punching the holes. The can sat upside down in the sink, and after the ice melted enough, I shook it out and let the can dry. We placed an old wire hanger for the handle near the rim, put a candle in, and she and her sister played for a while. (They both made a their own lanterns.) I felt joy to think that my girls, at their ages, will play together every now and then. Mr. GAIN was quite impressed with the lanterns and the girls playing.

We talked about how much light came through her lantern, how much light you would need outdoors and how she would design one of a different size if she were Laura, etc. I think she may be looking for one the next time we visit Living History Farms.

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