Bee Mine

Knowing that St. Valentine’s Day is on Feb. 14, and knowing that we are s-l-o-w at getting things assembled and in the mail, and knowing that hand crafting valentines from all four kids plus me takes t-i-m-e, I’ve kept the supplies out since Feb. 1.

“I” of GAIN’s latest creation was something, in her words, that she just “thought of on my own.” She used an inkpad, her fingerprints, and a marker one afternoon while I was out. You can see the flower and stem, heart, and bee body that she used her fingers for. The bee features were done in marker. I think the way that kids cut rectangles is cute, too. Inside the card says, “Bee mine. From your seack-ret admire” Isn’t that sweet?

(You’ll have to come back later to view her not-so-sweet creations from yesterday.)

My younger son inspired his brother and younger sister to make coin purses, complete with aluminum foil coins. I’ll have to snap a picture some time. He raided my scrap fabric drawer and started hand sewing one morning. We’ve been reading about Vikings and the Middle Ages, but I can’t be sure of the source for his ideas. The kids can never remember how to knot their thread, but they are quite good at threading the needles. “G” of GAIN even got fancy and applied a pearl snap — it came from a bag of sewing leftovers that my grandma gave me. I had forgotten that I had it. She would be glad to know that her things have been seeing some use in our family.

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