We are overflowing with valentines. After reading a children’s book about the origins of St. Valentine’s Day, “I” of GAIN got busy. She memorized a Mother Goose poem about St. Valentine’s Day and made some Victorian-style pinprick and acrostic valentines. She also did her own thing with a puzzle and fingerprints. Wow, you can do a lot when only one hour of your day is spent in “school” and the rest of the day is free.

The other kids also made valentines. The older two like to put poems on their valentines. I put a picture of a valentine that “A” of GAIN created at the bottom here.

The kids ask, “Mom, how do you spell ______ ?” I remember asking my mom and grandma the same thing. I often write the requested words (usually names) on a piece of scratch paper for them to copy, rather than have the kids get upset because I’m not clear enough when I spell to them. I used to get upset when I asked someone to give me the correct spelling. I would end up doubling a letter or somehow misspell the word.

I think these photos may qualify for Mama Podkayne‘s weekly photo challenge — “cherish.” I cherish the handmade valentines from my children. Their handwriting is captured, their thoughts and abilities are frozen for one brief moment of time, and since they are gifts, I get to keep them. What a warm thought.

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