Locavore in the making

I may be a locavore in progress. A locavore eats locally produced food. After reading the very thought-provoking book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, I am intrigued with the thought of eating locally more than I already do. In an effort to reduce the gas consumption used to bring food to me from California (plus several other reasons), eating locally makes sense.

My mother instilled the “buy from local small businesses” thought into me in my early teens. Example: She didn’t want our wedding cake to come from Hy-Vee. Even though Ron Pearson lives in my current city of residence, he isn’t small. Mom has a small business. A small business or two or three had been her parent’s livelihood for years. DH Mr. GAIN and his father’s family also have self-employment histories (though I wouldn’t consider all of them small and local). I am surrounded by small business owners just with our in-town family members. So I am considering my money, our resources, and my stomach simultaneously.

Two years ago, I joined a CSA and fell in love with it. I had already decided to leave the CSA and expand my own garden before reading the Kingsolver book. The book seemed to be affirming and expanding my inner thoughts that had begun earlier. Not that I want to live entirely like a pioneer. But I do want to be active if I can in the local business cause. And thoughts of my college roommate and fellow modern dancer come to mind — bioregions, bioregions….

A bonus: Mom bought beef and chickens from a local gal (acquaintance of one of my friends) around October and gifted me a lot of it.

Second bonus: Our church bulletin always has a social justice tidbit, reminding me that going locavore would completely fit with church teaching. Thoughts of John Paul II visiting the heartland and stewardship fill my mind.

I have some thinking to do.

Do you like the picture of the baby broccoli?

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