Lion Brand Shopping Bag

I finished the knitted shopping bag a while ago. Here it is sideways. Yes, I am too lazy to rotate it, and I am at the wrong computer to do that anyway. I think it will be a useful bag for the beach. Sand, be gone! Stuff, stay in!

Review: It’s pretty quick to make. The band is HUGE and takes a while, but not too bad. It was designed well and I appreciate that it won’t theoretically rip out at the bottom. I twisted my band, but that is OK. Now I know how to tell it apart from other bags — look for the imperfection. (Just like rug weavings!) Seaming up the sides is fairly annoying where the mesh meets the band. I ended up using a hand stitch technique that people use for sewing snaps and hook-and-eye’s to garments. I also had trouble deciding if I wanted the seam to be smooth on the outside or inside, and which side I wanted to be the outside (the public side). Overall, the knitting was great. I just suck at making decisions.

Currently on the sticks: King Charles brocade dish cloth for myself using the leftover shopping bag yarn.

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