Knit at Night

Knitting at night makes it hard for me to custom-fit wristlets to “I” of GAIN. She’s asleep! How do I try them on her if she’s sleeping? They are not a big project to finish, but her sleeping inhibits my progress.

The strawberry patch is still producing a large bowlful every day. “I” read _Little House on the Prairie_ this year, by Laura Ingalls. In it, Pa says, “We’ll be living like kings.” I think that our strawberry situation could be related to this statement. We have to enjoy the strawberries (or corn, or green beans, depending on the season) while we can. If we can’t, I freeze them. They spoil too quickly to store long.

“A” began the berry patch with only three plants in 2000. Now it’s overcrowded in there like crazy! Here is a photo of the first pea flower of the season for us. We also have little green tomatoes. Last year, “I” asked, “Do you think this tomato is small? Well look at this! Do you think it is small? Well look at this!” And she asked about seven times, and yes, she in her sensitive nature about plants found a really small tomato!

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