Off the Sticks!

My BIL has a birthday coming up, and since he is a big fan of the hand knit dishcloth, he will be the recipient of my latest work. The pattern is an eight row pattern called Lacy Diamonds, that I found at

It does not require the mental alertness that some patterns do, yet it is varied enough to keep boredom away. I used less than a week of nightly knitting to finish this cloth. You can see that I must have dozed off somewhere near the end of making it, because the pattern doesn’t look quite right. But hey, it’s a dishcloth, not a church sweater!

I also included the rest of his gift in the photo. He’s into cooking, so a mortar and pestle (ah, the days of my ceramic engineering education flash before my eyes) and spices made their way into my shopping bag tonight.

The website above has a lot of patterns. You must remember to add your own border, and usually have to figure out your own preferred width and length of dishcloth. That means that the price for this site’s patterns is the mental prep work.

I have added more pics to the cherry jam article.

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