Little House

I bought a book this summer at the Clive Library Book Sale entitled, _Best in Children’s Books_, c. 1958, Nelson Doubleday. “I” of GAIN read the entire thing, including the section called ‘Toys You Can Make.’

Here is ‘A Bedroom For Your Tiniest Doll.’ She made this while I was with “G” at swim lessons. That means that I was gone when she did this. We were really impressed when we walked in the door and saw this, because when we left, she was in the kitchen with the book, 50 paper baking cups, stickers, a bag of 25 lollipop sticks, a paper cutter (it really needs a new blade), a shoe box, and a couple partial sheets of pink paper.

Since she read this book about three weeks ago, I think she had forgotten about making the tiny room. But she was with her grandma and great-aunt yesterday, watching HGTV room and home makeovers. Everything was absorbed and came out in this form. Pretty nice!

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  1. That is so cool! When I was younger I loved the book “Dollhouse Magic” about making minature furnishings for a dollhouse. Also, your pictures should arrive by Wednesday. I’ll let you know!

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