Off the Sticks

Hey, it’s “A’s” fingerless mitts. Pretty nice, eh? This is probably the most complex knitting she has done to date — ribbing and sewing a seam.

Not a lot going on — A garage sale this weekend at my place, a campout for Mr. GAIN and “G,” and perhaps some easy unfound geocaches for me. There are four in the area that I haven’t found.

Off the sticks last week — another dishcloth. This time, I made a regular “grandma’s favorite.” I love that the pattern is incredibly easy. I first experienced this pattern at my wedding shower. A family friend from Matt’s hometown gave me one, along with her church‘s cookbook. My goal is to have seven. I give about half of what I make away, so I may be reaching my goal of 7 by 2009.

I found a knitting book at the library. It has a future Christmas gift in it. Now to just find the yarn. In another library book, I found a scarf that I want to make. Already have the yarn for that, now to burn some brain cells to modify the pattern to fit my yarn.

I’m also trying to use up my stash, so I also decided to make neckwarmers for younger nieces and nephews. The tester that I made failed the test. Why do things always work better in my head than in real life?

Wow, I’m using a lot of short and simple sentences. Must be all the work of pricing garage sale items.

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  1. The pattern is based on a Lion Brand Ruffled Wristlet. It’s basically a k1p1 piece of fabric, seamed up the side. Just remember not sew where you want a thumbhole.

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